A collaborator on my chiropractic functional neurology practice

(I received this letter from a collaborator of mine.  It is very nice and it is also very informative in explaining, in more detail, my chiropractic functional neurology practice. I had to share!) 

This letter is regarding my experience with Dr. Brent Furnish and his functional neurology practice.
– Courtney Snyder M.D.

“I am a child and adult psychiatrist with a specialty in nutritional and metabolic psychiatry. Dr. Furnish and I first met in April to discuss ways we might collaborate given our shared interest in nonpharmacologic interventions for brain related disorders. At that time, he also did a functional assessment on me. I’ve since visited with him regularly to learn more about chiropractic functional neurology and better understand the patient experience.

I am both impressed with the work of Dr. Furnish as well as Chiropractic Functional Neurology in general. While what I do targets the biochemical roots of brain related diseases, Dr. Furnish addresses neural plasticity – essentially helping the brain regain and maintain function after damage has already been done. In my opinion, many neurologic and neurobehavioral disorders can benefit significantly from his approach which has significant support by brain based research.

In my experience, Dr. Furnish is caring and knowledgeable. He generously shares what he knows with his patients. His office runs efficiently and on time. His instructions for at home exercises are clear and concise. Dr Furnish is happy to collaborate with other professionals involved in the care of mutual patients.”