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Dementia Treatment

(Cognitive & Memory Decline)

Many times in early or even the later stages of dementia treatment miraculous results may occur with brain function therapy. Brent Furnish D.C., Chiropractic offers methods of treating conditions that are PROBLEM DIRECTED CARE instead of suppressing the symptoms with various medications!

DEMENTIA is a broad category of BRAIN CONDITIONS that cause long-term and gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember. It is severe enough to affect the daily functioning of the individual. Other common advance stage symptoms include emotional (mental) compromise, difficulty speaking and a general decrease in motivation. In addition, dementia is very hard on the dementia patient’s family.

The most common type of dementia is ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE which makes up almost 70% of all cases. Other common types include VASCULAR dementia, LEWY BODY dementia and FRONTOTEMPORAL dementia. You can have more than one of the above types of dementia at a time.

Diagnosis is based upon history; cognitive testing and the patient should have a comprehensive brain function examination. NOTE: MRl’s and Cat scans do not show brain function, only structural problems with the brain. The brain function examination is unfortunately omitted in diagnosing most of the cases of dementia.

There is no “medical cure” for dementia (i.e. medication). If detected in the early stages there is hope in many cases of possibly reversing the cognitive deterioration with functional-neurological brain rehabilitation.


When you have significant memory loss you are already entering the more advanced stages of dementia.

*** What are the early signs of dementia?

Loss of smell and distinguishing what you are smelling, loss of rapid eye movements (saccades} and tracking objects (eye pursuits}, and balance or coordination issues are the early signs. These signs can take place 10 to 20 years before you ever have memory loss.

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Please call my office at 502-296-3581 if you have any questions concerning brain function rehabilitation (Functional Neurology) with dementia treatment patients. Most of all, do not give up hope.