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What is Functional Chiropractic Neurology?

Functional Chiropractic Neurology focuses on the management of nervous system dysfunction by using non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approaches.  It also takes into account the relationships between different levels of the nervous system (e.g. brain, brainstem and spinal cord) and between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ areas from an evolutionary and developmental point of view.

Nerve connections in the brain are considered “plastic” because of their potential to be shaped or modified by experiences such as sensory, motor, cognitive, and emotional events.  Furthermore, the term “plasticity” is therefore can describe the adaptability of the nervous system to changes in the environment (e.g. physical, cognitive, or emotional stimuli). Dr. Furnish’s patient management approaches are based heavily on this principle of neural plasticity.

These forms of neural plasticity (or adaptive processes in the brain) should be considered when developing appropriate rehabilitation programs for individual patients.  Additionally, they can also be taken into consideration when interpreting the results of a clinical neurological or functional brain mapping assessment.

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