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Chronic Pain Treatment

Many people suffer with chronic pain. Pain is a very unique and complex symptom.  Pain is just that, a symptom. Pain in itself is not a disease or condition as many doctors and therapists have made it out to be over the last 30 years.  Furthermore, many doctors and therapists treat the localized area of the pain in the body without considering the brain’s part in the pain process.  Here we take a different approach to chronic pain treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Furnish’s Approach to Chronic Pain?

*** The amount of pain you have in your body and the time you have the pain is determined on how well the brain is working and how it processes pain.  Poor working brain, more pain.  Good working brain, less or no pain.

If previous therapists and physicians have never issued tests or checks for your brain function and you’re still having pain, there’s a good probability your brain is playing a key role in you continuing to experience pain in your life.

Tired of being in pain and would like to get a new approach to possibly getting out of pain permanently? You can get started here and take a fresh approach to chronic pain treatment.

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