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Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

We take a unique approach to Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment. Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. TBI occurs when a sudden trauma damages the brain. TBI is also mild traumatic brain injury, an acquired head injury, or simply a concussion.

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment, ConcussionTraumatic Brain Injury happens when the head suddenly and violently hits an object or is powerfully jolted or shaken. It can also occur when an object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue. Brain tissue damage on MRI or CAT scan is not a requirement to receive a TBI diagnosis.


The easiest way to diagnosis a TBI is with the history. The description of the injury and the symptoms usually give way to diagnosing a mild traumatic brain injury.

However, to diagnose physiological (functional) problems resulting from a TBI, the patient should have a complete and comprehensive bedside Neurological Examination. Unfortunately, most patients do not receive a Neurological examination, which will decrease their success with therapy in many cases. MRI and CAT scans can pinpoint actual tissue damage in the brain if necessary.


TBI disorders defy conventional physical therapy or occupational therapy care to reach maximum improvement after a TBI.  The brain and its function is very complex. Therefore, a physician or therapist treating TBI should receive a high-level of training in NEUROLOGY. 

Many physicians are unaware that many physical therapists and occupational therapists treating TBI’s only receive 3-6 credit hours of Neurology training. Such a minimal amount of training is insufficient to help patients with a TBI reach maximum improvement. Therefore, the quality of life is very different. Many patients hear that they have to live with various neurological disabilities without hope of recovery.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS WEBPAGE… Then you probably have not responded well to traditional physical or occupational therapies. If your improvement has come to a standstill, or you are no longer satisfied with your present care, you may be looking for alternatives.


Begin by visiting our patient resource section and complete the “self-test” questionnaire. Afterward, submit the test, and Dr. Furnish will personally call you to discuss your TBI condition and symptoms. Otherwise, call today at 502-296-3581 and make an appointment with Dr. Furnish. Find out how you can further improve your care and life from your injuries.

Most of all, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. There is HOPE! Functional Chiropractic Neurology restores hope and opens the door to a brighter future of recovery.

Additionally, Dr. Furnish practices concussion therapy for other severity levels of injury. Call today to discuss your functional Chiropractic Neurology health issues in Louisville, KY.

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