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Vertigo | Dizziness | Balance Disorders | PTSD | Traumatic Brain Injury | Concussion | ADD/ADHD Child & Adult
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Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

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Vertigo | Dizziness | Balance Disorders | PTSD | Traumatic Brain Injury | Concussion | Chronic Pain Treatment

Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Functional Neurology & 
Rehabilitation in Louisville, KY

My name is Dr. Brent Furnish and I am a Chiropractic Neurologist. Welcome to my practice. I am Board Certified in both Chiropractic and Functional Neurology. My practice is very unique in the Kentuckiana area and highly specialized in helping resolve complex neurological conditions with customized brain and spine solutions. Additionally, my practice deals with the functional aspect of your brain and optimizing your brain function. I am blessed to know and to treat patients from all over the United States.

The brain-based therapies performed on patients (such as you) in my office are the most advanced therapies in the field of functional neurology and brain rehabilitation. Additionally, these Therapies are scientifically tried and tested in mainstream neuroscience. Therefore, the therapies in my office work so well. This gives me the ability to give you outstanding, Life Changing Results with your neurological condition(s). If you have any lingering questions about your personal neurological situation, please call me at (502) 296-3581

My approach is simple. I use highly advanced and specific brain-based neurological therapies that address not only your symptoms but the underlying neurological or health problem you are experiencing. Your brain controls and coordinates all activities of your body (physical) and mind (psychological). When your neurological problem is treated, you improve every aspect of your life, both mental (psychological) and physical (body). You feel better, are happier, and your life is so much better!

Why Choose Dr. Furnish:

  1. Patient satisfaction guarantee

    If you’re not happy with the care I recommend after the first week, I will refund the first week of your therapy in my office. (Does not include initial exam fees). We will shake hands and part as friends.

  2. All-in-one care

    Dr. Furnish performs all the examinations and therapies personally. You are not “passed around to a multitude of therapists and doctors.” This is one of the main reasons for the success I have with my patients!

  3. Problem directed care

    The majority of the therapies in the field of neurology and chiropractic are symptom directed. This is what I call the “BIG BLACK HOLE.” You keep SPENDING MONEY forever and never get any long-lasting results. Therefore, my care is PROBLEM DIRECTED. This means, “I do my best (with your help) to fix the neurological problems you have and teach you how to keep it fixed, so you do not have to come back.”

  4. Full-time vs. Part-time

    My practice is 100% “Brain and Spine Based.” Many therapists and physicians only “dabble” in neurology. Do you really want someone with “a little” training in Neurology for your complicated brain and spine problems?

  5. Affordable treatment options available

    My office has several treatment options that are discussed with you after your initial functional neurological examination. Therefore, you can receive the care you need to make your life better without stress.

  6. A Doctor you can trust, know, and like

    Last but definitely not least, my purpose with your care is to help you feel better physically and mentally so you do not have to keep going to Doctors forever. As a result, you can enjoy your life to the fullest! Please remember, you only have one brain and you cannot replace your brain. Nursing homes are full of patients who did not make the right decision in the care of their brains! Do you want to be one of those people?

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