Chiropractic Neurologist vs. Medical Neurologist

The brain blog #2: Learning about neurology and the brain

Both Medical Neurologist and Chiropractic Neurologist (Chiropractic Functional Neurologist) address problems with the central, peripheral and enteric nervous systems. After speaking over the years with several medical neurologist I have learned from them that traditionally medical neurology tends to look at disease of the nervous system as “Black and white,” with white being optimal neurological function and black as being end stage pathology.

Chiropractic functional neurology looks at dysfunction of the nervous system as different “shades of gray” before they change and advance becoming distinct neurological pathologies.

This is probably one of the biggest differences between the two approaches. Medical neurology has standard “pharmaceutical protocols” they used with different neurological pathologies. Chiropractic functional neurology on the other hand is “patient focused.” Generalized treatments run the risk of exciting an area of the nervous system that is already over excited, or stimulating an area that should not be stimulated. Also, as the patient develops neuroplasticity (Brain changes) the rehabilitation will also change. A “cookbook” type program is not usually the most beneficial when addressing neurological conditions. Using an individualized approach usually avoids relapses.

Functional neurology requires patient participation in their recovery. The brain must be consistently activated outside their rehabilitation sessions whereas with medical neurology you take prescription and usually limited to your activities by the medical neurologist.

I am of the opinion the whole point of going to see any type of doctor is to restore function and quality of life. At least it would be for me. If you have been seeing a medical neurologist for sometime in your results are not like you expected, then you may want to consider functional neurology or neurorehabilitation.

The next blog question will be: “What Are Five Principles to Remember for Wellness?”