Have you been to multiple doctors for your vestibular problem?

We will call her Mary. Of course, this is not her real name. However, the rest of the story is unfortunately true. Mary is a 45-year-old nurse that works for a local hospital in Louisville. She has been experiencing symptoms of a vestibular problem. “I’m falling all the time. I cannot drive because I feel like I’m constantly going into the other lane. I cannot navigate curves because when I drive I get an overwhelming sensation of floating constantly.” She has been experiencing this for almost 12 months and has not been able to work or drive for eight months.

She related the following in her email to me:

“I don’t know what else to do. I’ve seen two chiropractors, but the manipulation of my neck makes my symptoms return with a vengeance. My medical neurologist said my MRIs and EEGs are negative and he does not know what to do with me after two visits. My audiologist did testing which shows nystagmus when I turn my head to the left. I have seen three different EMTs who say it is not related to fluid in my ears. I have been to my primary care physician who says it is fluid in my ears. My orthopedic doctor said he would not treat me because the problem is neurological. I then went to a physical therapist for vestibular rehab for three weeks. They released me because my insurance would not pay for any more than that. I have recently seen a rheumatologist and he cannot find anything wrong with me. I’m not sure what to do”

Does this sound familiar? Mary saw 13 different doctors. Your situation might not be as extreme but it might be close. Vestibular problems are brain-based in most cases. The problem this patient had, like many of you, is the clinicians and therapists she went to either forgot their neurology or never had the training in neurology to recognize how to diagnosis the problem and treat it correctly.

This is why offer a complimentary an Initial brain testing for vestibular problems. This is to see if your vertigo, dizziness, balance and/or stability problems are brain related. Call me today for an appointment at 502-296-3581. Let me help you get your life back today.