Parkinson’s disease-symptom vs. Problem Directed Care

There are two approaches of care for all neurological problems today. This is also true for Parkinson’s disease and patients who suffer terribly from it’s affects.

The first approach is the most popular in our society and the one the majority of patients receive with Parkinson’s disease. It is a symptom based approach. They are given medication to suppress the symptoms while their underlying brain condition worsens. This approach works for a short time until the affects of the medication wears off or the body reaches a “saturation level” and no longer works. The patients become worse and they are given higher doses of medication until they are experiencing many of the side effects of the medication. The side effects from the medication in many cases are worse than the Parkinson’s symptoms. Another problem with medication is it only works while you are taking the medication. When you stop taking the medication you are back to “square one.” And the vicious cycle goes on.

The second and more rational but less popular approach is BRAIN BASED FUNCTIONAL REHABILITATION. This approach is problem directed where specific brain therapies are applied to specific areas of the brain. This in turn makes these areas of the brain work better and produce long term and in many cases permanent results. These therapies, if performed by a Board Certified Chiropractic (Functional) Neurologist, will improve the brain via Neuroplasticity. When you achieve Nueroplasticity the symptoms not only improve, they stay improved and in many cases do not return if the patient follows up after therapy as recommended. With brain based functional rehabilitation the patients receive life changing, long term results. They feel better and are much happier.

If you know someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease, please recommend Functional Neurological Brain Rehabilitation to them. You will change their lives for the better. If you have any questions, you can call me at (502) 296-3581