Women’s brains may have a harder time recovering from concussions

A new article, April 28, 2015 from the Health Daily News on recovering from concussions. Brain Blog #4: Learning about chiropractic neurology and the brain

Researchers in Taiwan and Canada have uncovered more evidence that “A woman’s brain is more difficult to heal after a concussion.”  The article goes on to say that you have to rehabilitate and treat a woman’s brain differently in many ways than a man’s after a concussion. Unfortunately, the traditional medical protocol is the same with all concussion patients.  The studies are showing a very low success rate when this type of “cookie cutter” approach is utilized in the treatment of concussions (mild dramatic brain injuries).  A different approach on recovering from concussions is needed.

The research shows that the short term memory regions of the woman’s brain are usually affected much more than a man’s brain.  Short term memory is also termed your “working memory.”  With the proper treatment, the man’s brain “working memory” recovered in several weeks.  I woman’s brain took several months to recover her memory in many cases.

We also know that from the research that women usually receive more serious injuries (concussions) to their brain and that in general there is a longer recovery period for women.  Also noted in this new research is that women require a “greater amount of physical and mental rest in order to recover properly and totally from concussion.”

The article finishes with the recommendation that doctors should examine and treat each patient’s brain individually. Most of all, you need to get a good history from the patient concerning the mechanisms of injury.

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