Brain Treatment


BRAIN TREATMENT & THERAPY (Functional Neurology or Brain Rehabilitation) should be, and is a complex therapeutic process which aims to improve and optimize a person’s brain function. It works with various neurological or mental conditions. These neurological conditions can be traumatic brain injuries, concussions, movement disorders, decreased ability to walk, cognitive decline, short and long term memory losses, anxiety, depression, stroke, vertigo, balance issues, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many more. I am a “FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGIST” with hundreds of hours (700+) of formal training and clinical experience (45,000 hours) over the last 24 years. There is a required minimum of 300 post-doctorate credit hours in Neurology to receive your Diplomate in Neurology.

Brain treatment from a conventional medical perspective consists of pharmacy (medications) and surgery. This type of care is “SYMPTOM DIRECTED” and only temporarily suppresses or relieves the symptoms.

Proper brain treatment and therapy should be performed by a BOARD CERTIFIED CHIROPRACTIC (FUNCTIONAL) NEUROLOGIST. This is “PROBLEM DIRECTED” or fix the problem care. This type of care be Functional Neurologist works on the known principles in mainstream neuroscience, called NEUROPLASTICITY.

A WORD OF CAUTION! In the last 5-10 years brain health has become more popular in the Louisville and surrounding areas. As a result, there are many people with little or no training in the field of Neurology or the brain advertising and “attempting” to treat brain conditions. Some ore only laypeople with a couple weekends of training on a specific machine or therapy. I can assure you from my training and expertise there is not one machine or therapy technique that can fix or restore your entire brain function. Most of these “alternative brain therapies” are non-scientific and have not received proper clinical trails by mainstream neuroscience. Many have been tested and found to be INEFFECTIVE, not creating NEUROPLASTICITY in the patient’s brain and changing brain function. Lastly, do you really want someone with a couple of weekends of training treating the most complex and complicated organ in your body? Remember, THE BRAIN CONTROLS AND COORDINATES ALL FUNCTIONS IN THE HUMAN BODY!

If you have questions concerning your brain health or treatment that might be best for you neurological issues, please call me at 502-296-3581